New Members Track

Level 1: Foundations

NMT 100: NEW MEMBERS CLASS – This course provides an overview of the GSBC’s mission and vision while emphasizing the importance our identity, our call to intimacy with God and our investment in this ministry.

Biblical Studies Track

Level 1: Introduction

BST 100: Bible Study – The course will provide biblical and thematic understanding and insight on living an effective life in Christ.

BST 101: COLOSSIANS: AGAINST THE TIDES - This course is an interactive study of the teaching of Paul in Colossians regarding the supremacy of Christ, what that means for our everyday lives and the development of insights that show specific ways we can develop attitudes and actions to honor the Lord. No fee. Register on site at the Welcome Center.

Level 2: Doctrines & Theology

BST 200: CHRISTIAN ETHICS - A study of Christian ethics that seeks understand the character and decision-making that is consistent with the faith we nurture and proclaim in the life and worship of the Church.


Experiential Life & Faith Track

Level 1: Preservation

ELFT 102: LIFE CHANGING TRUTHS BEHIND SUFFERING PART I- Have you ever wondered why bad things happen to good people? During this twop art study of the Book of Job, participants will learn surprising, fresh and relevant truths about the nature of suffering, the character of God and the reality of their own humanity.


Level 2: Preparation

ELFT 200:  EXPERIENCING THE RESURRECTION POWER OF GOD’S LOVE - This course invites participants to explore the question of how we reconcile the love of God with the pain of disappointments, regrets, fears and self-condemnation that each of us will face in life. Through her book, Lazarus Awakening, Joanna Weaver leads us to a divine shift in how we view our personal relationship with God.

Level 3: Participation

ELFT 300: JOINING JESUS ON HIS MISSION – This course will encourage participants to broaden their understanding of missions and ways our efforts serve as a tool to impact lives.

ELFT 301: ROUNDTABLESLead by various facilitators, the roundtables invite participants on a journey of self discovery and growth discussing such topics such as dependability, forgiveness and understanding people in a way that connects us as a faith community. Register within ministries. Booklets cost $8.00.