Practical Life Institute


Q1. Is the Practical Life Institute only for Good Shepherd Baptist Church members?

A1. No. The Practical Life Institute is a learning opportunity open to both GSBC members and friends from the Tri-Cities and surrounding areas.

Q2. How much will each class cost?

A2. There is a modest non-refundable fee:

  • Classes and seminars will be $15 per course, which helps defray costs such as the textbook and course handouts.
  • There will be no fee for Bible study, new member classes or workshops (unless announced).


Q3. What’s the difference between a course, a seminar, and a workshop?

A3. The primary difference between these three learning formats is the length of time they will be offered.

  • Classes will generally range from 8 to 12 weeks.
  • Seminars will be on a six-eight week basis.
  • Workshops will generally be one-day events, but may vary in length by topic. Workshops will occasionally be offered during the week and on scheduled Saturdays as announced.

Q4. When will classes begin?

A4. The Practical Life Institute are offered on a term basis on Monday and Tuesday evenings in two time blocks of one hour each from 6-8:15 PM and Tuesdays at 12 noon.

Q5. Do I have to pre-register for classes?

A5. Yes. All students must pre-register for the courses offered through the Practical Life Institute on or before the deadline listed in the brochure. There are two options for pre-registration: 1) online or 2) onsite.

Q6. What’s the minimum # of students needed for a class to be offered?

A6.  Ideally, for the richest experience, we would like to have at least six (6) students per class, however, exceptions may be granted.

Q7. Can persons make suggestions about courses they would like to see offered through the Practical Life Institute?

A7. Yes. If you have suggestions about what courses you would like to take through the Practical Life Institute, send an email to Dr. Audrey Todd, Director of Educational Ministries atatodd@goodshepherdbaptist.org.

Q8. Is it possible to become a part of the instructional team?

A8. Yes, after participating in the facilitator training, persons will become eligible to serve on the instructional team as a co-facilitator and must regularly attend PLI Continuing Education Facilitator Workshops. If you are interested in serving on the instructional team, please contact Dr. Audrey Todd, Director of Educational Ministries via email atatodd@goodshepherdbaptist.org.

Q9. Will this current set of courses be offered again?

A9. Yes, in many cases, depending on the availability of facilitators these courses will be offered in the future. Please check the website for current course offerings.

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